Thursday, September 9, 2010

My First Mandala

It just so happened that a cousin of mine came home to show me her painting and I was really inspired by it. What I had been dabbling with since 2000 as a on and off exercise, I felt should be taken up in earnest and here's the result: My 1st Mandala on a more organized scale. Shubha offered to help with making all the purchases for my mandala painting journey and with my friend Bharath's engagement fixed for, a couple of days later, "this was the best moment to begin" was my instant instinct!

With loads of help from Raksha and Deeksha, here's what transpired, given the urgency.

There was both wonder and surprise at how those 2 days unfolded with the Mandala and that led to further inspiration to keep the momentum going. The pure energy invested in the moment without mind chatter that is a constant companion for most of the time, what finally evolved is what you see in the picture.

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  1. As I gaze at this one, I feel as though I am opening a gift.